Power Grid Down, as Generation Drops to 2, 983 Megawatts

Power generation dropped to 2,900 megawatts after the national electricity grid system collapsed early Wednesday, but was restored shortly.

This was confirmed on Wednesday morning by the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), which manages the national grid system, but could not immediately confirm the cause of the power loss.

Mr. Ndidi Mbah who is the General Manager, Public Affairs at TCN , said in a statement that the National Control Centre (NCC) of TCN in Osogbo commenced immediate restoration of the grid which has been completed nationwide except for that of the Eastern axis which was to be eventually completed as at when TCN announced the system disturbance.

“TCN would commence investigations into the cause of the supply loss as soon as full recovery is achieved. We are committed to ensuring grid stability and consistent bulk power supply, especially at this time of the pandemic,” the statement noted.

An analysis of the power loss following the latest system collapse revealed that 1,658 Megawatts has already been lost to the system disturbance.

However, the power grid is expected to ramp up once the major transmission lines in the East are restored by the TCN; peak energy generation may then return to the 4,000 Megawatts threshold.

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