Nigerian Police Arrest Man for Blasphemy Against Prophet Muhammad

Nigerian police yesterday arrested one Mubarak Bala, for allegedly insulting Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam on his facebook page.

Switch Nigeria gathered that Mr. Mubarak was also arrested in 2014 for a similar offence and with the authorization of his father, was forcefully confined to a mental hospital, where he was made to undergo a mental “treatment”, in the hope that he could be “cured” of his profess atheism. He was later discharged.

Yesterday’s arrest appears to have been orchestrated by a team of lawyers based in Kano, according to a twitter user, by name Yusuf Jnr @MrZage. Who called the atheist an animal.

The petition filed against Mr. Mubarak read in part;

“We therefore humbly lodge this complaint to you with the hope that the said Mubarak Bala will brought to book so that he will know and understand that Nigeria is not a lawless society…”

Nigeria operates a secular constitution but with a provision that allows individual states to adopt and practice the Shari’a penal code, which stipulates death penalty for anyone found guilty to have blasphemed against Prophet Muhammad and Islam.

Reacting to the arrest, Leo Igwe, Chairman board of Trustees for the Humanist Association of Nigeria stated that he is worried of the uncertain fate Mubarak faces in the hands of his captors.

“All of us at the Humanist Association of Nigeria are deeply worried by the arrest and detention of our president, Mubarak Bala. Mubarak Bala will likely be handed over to the Kano state police command, that will prosecute him for blasphemy, a crime that caries a death sentence under sharia law.” He stated.

In related development, a petition by muslims has been iniated on calling for the deactivation of Mr. Mubarak’s facebook page, which is awashed with mostly tongue in cheek and sarcastic oneliner responses to stories about Islam and Prophet Muhammad. Over 16,000 persons have already signed the petition.

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