70% of Doctors in Kano Have Runaway for Fear of Contracting COVID-19

Reports have said that about 70% of doctors in Kano have runaway as COVID-19 cases in the State continue to rise.

Kano has gone from having little or no COVID-19 cases to competing with Lagos for top spot in less than a week.

This was brought to the fore by public affairs analyst, Muhammed Jamo who pointed out that the doctors were scared of contracting the virus while treating others.

He said, “As I am speaking with you today, 70 per cent of the medical doctors have absconded and abandoned their duty posts because they are scared.

“They have not been provided with personal protective equipment to use to protect themselves. It is a sad development what is happening in Kano.”

He added, “Lagos has done so much, first in identifying isolation centres and providing all the necessary amenities needed including training of medical doctors but if you look at Kano, there is no specific treatment or training that was given to the medical doctors and even the state government didn’t do quite enough.”

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