“On Mass and Energy, Where Einstein Erred” ‐‐‐ Nigerian Scientist

Einstein’s mass-energy equation, has been faulted based on two postulates by a Nigerian scientist whose area of specialization is the field of Electronics.

According to F. E. Ocheja, (a) the neutron is the sole agent for the force of gravity in the physical universe,

(b) the charge on a particle is not constant with the absolute velocity of that particle.

Einstein’s mass-energy equation is as thus:

E = mc² joules

Where E = the quantum energy

m = the mass of the body in kg

c = the velocity of light in vacuum

Ocheja, a well-bred engineer who has worked with the FAAN, recently spoke with the reporter, worried that despite submitting the paper, along with one other, viz, “The Energy Carried on a Charged Particle in Motion —A New Approach”, there has been no response from any of the Nigerian or international institutions.

Faruna Ocheja

Being an unapologetic patriot, he is calling on well-meaning Nigerians in the Ministry of Science and Technology, institutions of science and technology, and the international community, to peruse this paper and the other mentioned above, as it will be to the advantage of technological progress not only for Nigeria but science as a whole.

On the issue of charge on a particle ( b above) he observes: Qu = Qo √1 – u²/c² Coulombs Where Qu = the charge on the particle at a velocity of u m/s, Qo = charge on the particle when at rest, and c = the velocity of light in absolute vacuum.

According to Ocheja, ONLY A CHARGED BODY COULD CARRY ENERGIES DIRECTLY CONVERTIBLE INTO PURE ELECTRO-MAGNETIC ENERGIES. Mechanical energies may be transformable into pure energies but are NOT DIRECTLY CONVERTIBLE INTO PURE ENERGIES. He hopes that the misconceptions inherent in the mass-energy equation of Einstein would have been exposed and corrected if his papers are thoroughly perused and taken into practical considerations.

He asked four pertinent questions which formed the framework of his paper: 1

What is the origin of the acceptance that mass changes with its velocity? 2. What evidence(s) is/are there that the charge on a particle changes with the absolute velocity of that particle? 3. Nuclear energy —does it come from mass destruction? 4. What implications for time and space dwellers (like us) if ½ mu² were to represent pure energies of a mass in motion? You may view the pictures below to understand these questions and the practical answers to the first three.

On the question of what implications for time and space dwellers like us, he said: “In writing this paper my hand, with definite mass, makes motions that are being destroyed in one direction or the other. That would release a lot of e-m quanta. “In a typical kitchen in human settlements, across the planet, knives of various shapes and sizes are moving to and fro —generating e-m energy quanta according to this formula. “Across the street I could hear some persons talking very fast and loud.

That means their tongues are moving up and down in their mouths releasing uncountable e-m quanta. “What of my eyelids which so often blink as a natural reflex. They too are generating their own e-m quanta. Of course, my beating heart is not left out of the action. It, too, is generating e-m quanta. “One could go on ad infinitum to enumerate myriads of places where the motions of masses are being destroyed. If as insinuated in the above formula (of Einstein’s) these motions could GENERATE PURE ENERGIES, life as we know it, on this planet would be unliveable. Thank God, it is not so!”

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