Nigeria Customs Insists 1,800 Bags of Rice are Not Infested with Weevils

The Oyo and the Osun divisions of the Nigeria Customs have said that the 1,800 bags of rice given to the two states by the Federal Government are good for consumption.

This came as a reply to the claim by the Government of Oyo State that the bags of rice given as palliatives were infested with weevils and as a result, not good for human consumption.

But ASC1 Abdullah Lagos, the Command’s Public Relations Officer, yesterday debunked such claims, and said that Ekiti, Osun, Ondo and Oyo States have all been given 6,000 bags each, but only Oyo State has complained about the quality of the rice.

“Representatives of Oyo, Ekiti and Osun states were on ground together with representatives of Humanitarian Affairs to inspect the rice in our warehouse twice on Monday. Oyo state came to evacuate their rice on Tuesday and everybody was there. Ithe rice was not good as they claimed, all of us would have been able to see it right there. In the process of evacuating, some of the bags fell down and got torn and no weevil or any other insect came out of them.

“Oyo state even selected the bags of rice they wanted themselves. Of all the states which collected the rice, only Oyo state is saying all the 1,800 bags of rice given to them are infected.
The rice we gave out are not infected and are fit for human consumption and we cannot give out infected rice,” he said.

Lagos has said the bags of rice will not be taken back if the Oyo State returns it, as they have claimed.

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