Saudi Arabia Abolishes Flogging for Adultery

Saudi Arabia Supreme Court has announced the abolishment of flogging as a means of punishment as the country upgrades her centuries-old conservative laws.

Court mandated flogging in Saudi Arabia sometimes extends to hundred of lashes at a time.

Human Rights groups are however worried that direct dissent towards the King and his son crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman are still met with hash repercussions.

They said the reforms being championed by the Prince hasn’t adequately accommodated dissent and prohibited the death penalty.

The court in its ruling stated, the move was to “bring the kingdom into line with international human rights norms against corporal punishment”.

Prior to the ruling, the court would sentence people to be flogged over extramarital affairs and breach of peace.

Going forward, Judges are expected to choose from the options of fine, jail or community service as a means of punishment for offenders.

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