Lagos Woman Kills Housemaid Over Indomie, Calls Police to Report Suicide

A Lagos housewife has been arrested with her husband for allegedly killing her housemaid, then calling the police to report she had committed suicide.

Late Joy Adole Aboel

Nene Steve was alleged to have tortured her housemaid Adole Aboel to death on Wednesday April 22 and then proceeded to stage the crime scene to appear as if the deceased had committed suicide.

On arrival at the scene of the incident, investigators were shocked to see that the deceased legs were on the floor, while a rope hung on her neck, which immediately raised suspicion.

Collaborating the police alleged version of events, the deceased brother Phillip Ejeh, said the late Adole was brought to Lagos from Benue State, through an agent.

“The deceased was an indigene of Benue brought to Lagos through an agent. She started working with her madam as a maid in January this year.

“She reported that her boss refused to pay her and anytime she asked for her salary, she would start beating her. She was making an attempt to leave the place, but due to the lockdown, there was no choice for her than to stay behind.

“But on Sunday, her boss said she caught her while stealing one Indomie noodle and this led to a serious beating before her master hung her to death.

“But the madam claimed she hung herself after having beaten her. How can someone hang herself and her legs will be on the ground? My sister engaged herself for the job so that she can be able to further her education.

“Now her madam has killed her maybe because she doesn’t want to pay her salary. As I’m talking to you now, the case has been reported to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Panti, Yaba, while the police have deposited her body in the mortuary for autopsy.” He said.

Also speaking on the matter, Lagos State Police Command spokesman DSP Bala Elkana said, on arrival at the scene, detectives noticed bruises and cuts, consistent with torture all over the deceased body.

“Police moved on with their investigation and found a lot of signs of violence on her body, that she has been tortured before she put the rope on her neck.

If it were to be ordinary suicide, how come wound and signs of beating are all over her body?” He said.

Meanwhile, the matter was transferred from Bariga Police Station to Panti for further investigation.

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