Bra Shaped Face Masks Sold Out Hours After Release in Japan

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, fashion lovers are daily coming up with innovative ways to stay fashionable and one of such ways is through face mask.

Recently, bra-cup face mask memes surfaced online and went viral but a Japanese company decided to make them a reality and they sold out almost instantly.

Some of the face masks on display

Atsumi Fashion, an apparel manufacturer in the city of Himi, Toyama Prefecture that specialises in women’s underwear garments decided that applying the same design to face masks wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

According to SoraNews24, though the lace bra face mask started out as a joke the company underestimated Japanese consumers appetite for ingenuity and sexy underwear. The prototype Atsumi Fashion originally showcased got a lot of attention online.

The company promoted the face masks by sharing a photo of model and TV personality Aya Kondo wearing a lace bra face mask. The former “Terrace House” cast member came by to visit the store, and wore the lace bra mask.

Soon after, a whole collection of bra face masks was announced.

The lace bra face masks went on sale last Saturday at 1,490 yen (US$14) and sold out minutes after it became available.

The company underestimated demand, offering only 50 units for each color available (white, pink, lime, aqua blue, black), but a new batch of lace bra masks is already in the works.

Shoppers flocked both Atsumi Fashion’s online shop, Lingerie Lab and its storefront on online marketplace Rakuten.

They also have simpler designs available, if lace isn’t your style.

Atsumi Fashion added a disclaimer on its Rakuten storefront that the product was not meant to be a replacement for surgical masks, but can be thought of as an equivalent for cloth masks.

Getting your hands on a proper medicinal face mask in Japan is pretty hard these days, but clothing companies around the country are trying to alleviate the shortage by producing reusable cloth masks.

It waits to be seen if the western world will replicate this marketing success from Asia.

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