Pakistani Authorities Arrests 3 Nigerians for Online Fraud

Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has announced the arrest of 3 Nigerians for online fraud.

According to statement, issued by FIA in Islamabad on Wednesday. They said the 3 Nigerians were defrauding Pakistanis online, in the guise of securing foreign investments. They had collected Rs4 million from a man in Pakistan for the said purpose.

Another Nigerian was also arrested in the first week of April, over a fake Covid-19 fund scheme in Islamabad.

The suspect would approach well-meaning people through social media channels like facebook, Twitter etc and tricked them into sending funds to a fake Covid-19 Patients Relief Scheme. The FIA spokesperson said.

Earlier in January, another Nigeria, who had fleeced Pakistanis of Rs10 million, under the guise of a welfare scheme, was also arrested.

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