Lebanese Puts Nigerian Housemaid Up For Sale on Facebook

A lebanese has caught the ire of many across the globe, for putting up his Nigerian housemaid for sale on a “closed” Facebook group named “Buy and Sell in Lebanon (Original)”.

Wael Jerro, in his post said,  “African domestic worker from Nigeria for sale with new residency permit and complete legal documents. She’s 30 years old, she’s very active, and very clean,”. The ignominious listing came accompanied with a price tag of $1000.

Reacting to the post on her Instagram, a Nigerian lady living in Lebanon by name Renee Abi Saad, posted the screenshot of the post, including the lady’s passport, which bears the name Busari Peace Ufuoma.

“I have reported to the Nigerian embassy. Please do the same if you know anyone in the Nigerian embassy in Lebanon,” she urged.

Descriminatory practices and blatant racism has been a reoccuring feature in the lives of foreign domestic workers in Lebanon. A country, which operates a system called “Kafala”, that ties the immigration status of domestic workers to their bosses.

Last month, a Ghanaian housemaid was found dead in a parking lot of a high rise building in Lebanon, where she reportedly lived with her bosses. Days before her demise, she had sent frantic messages to Rights Groups and her family, begging to be rescued because of physical torture she was suffering in the hands of her employers. The news caught the attention of supermodel Naomi Campbell, who urged Africans to stop going to Lebanon for employment. Also, last month, two Nigerian housemaids were rescued from their employers in Lebanon, according to The Guardian.

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