Kano Official Caught Red-handed Defiling a 15 Year Old

A Kano State official who works with the Kano Road Transport Agency (KAROTA) has been arrested for sexually abusing a minor.

The official, identified as Umar Yakub Mohammed was caught ‘dead to rights’ by an officer of the Nigerian Police behind Ado Bayero Mall.

Umar who is also amongst those enforcing the lockdown picked the 15 year old girl at his duty post, around Kano Line Park.

While the girl affirmed that the Umar had intercourse with her, the perpetrator himself denied, saying that he only offered to help the girl get home, but only stopped to pee, before he was seen.

On their part, people resident around Umar’s area told newsmen that the suspect was always seen with little girls on his bike.

The two, the victim and the suspect, have been detained at the Kwali Police Station, Kano metropolis.

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