I Won’t Leave Borno until Boko Haram Insurgents are Defeated —Buratai

The Chief of Army Staff, General Tukur Buratai, has vowed to remain in Borno State until the Boko Haram insurgents are substantially defeated.

The Army chief made the vow while addressing his battalion, who are at the forefront in the fight against the insurgents Borno.

He said unlike in other countries where many years are taken to end insurgency, that will not be allowed to happen in Nigeria, saying the issue of Boko Haram has been long overdue and must be ended with immediate effect.

“You may wonder that this counter-insurgency operation has lingered for too long, we all know globally that counter terrorism is very complex. There are some countries that have fought counter terrorism for close to 50years. But we’re not going to leave it, we will not leave this camp

“We are here, we will not leave this camp until we substantially degrade these criminals. By God’s willing, we shall be there with you no going back once we commence. We will be with you in the valleys, on the hill, in the jungle, in the river and so on.”

He said already, some of the recently captured Boko Haram fighters are providing useful information that will help lead to the capture of the others still at large.

“As I speak now, we have some element that are providing us necessary intelligence and once we start, no going back. We are here and we make sure that we get ourselves properly motivated, properly equipped and I assure you will have the best of time.

“Some of you have been here before like two three times, but I tell you, you are going to have the best of time. We want the best out of you. We need your courage and determination.

Buratai assured the Nigerian soldiers of President Buhari’s full support, urging them to defend their fatherland by defeating the criminal elements that have refused to allow peace reign in the country.

“I want you to have at the back of your minds that Mr. President solidly behind you. We have already started getting the consignment of what we require for us to handle these insurgency and terrorism. It a matter of time and a very short time. We will make sure that we never go back. Forward ever, backward, never. Thank you and God bless you all”

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