Kogi Government Bans Beef Consumption, After the Death of 12 Cows

Due to the mysterious death of 12 cows, the Kogi State Government has banned all the people of Lokoja, the state capital, from consuming beef for a period of 48 hours until the cause of the death is ascertained.

A statement by the Commissioner of Information and Communications, Mr Kingsley Fanwo said the ban is for a period of 48 hours.

Residents were gripped with anxiety and fear that the beef from those dead animals could end up in abattoirs, ready to be sold to consumers which could pose a health risk. The 12 cows died while grazing in an open field close to State Polytechnic, Lokoja on Thursday.

Relevant ministries and departments have been charged to ensure the dead cows don’t end up in the market. The statement said.

The statement also said coordinated security and scientific investigations into the death of the cows has been launched through the office of the Security Adviser and the ministries of agriculture and environment.

“The state government has committed to briefing members of the public on findings about the incident. We also urge our people to volunteer intelligence that will help us unravel the mystery behind the death of those cows,” it noted.

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