Man Healed of Coronavirus, Attributes Miracle to God

With the high mortality rate of COVID-19 in the United States, one has to wonder whether people have been recovering from it at all, and what their experiences might be.

Clay Bentley, 59, who was diagnosed of COVID-19 has come out to say that God healed him of the disease by breathing into his lungs.

Speaking 700th Club, Mr. Bentley claimed he contracted the virus while singing in his church choir. He added that, “there at least 45-50 people in that church who caught the Coronavirus and already, two have passed away.”

He said, shortly after that Sunday service, he started having shortness of breath and the following day, March 2, he went from urgent care straight to the emergency room. However, doctors initially diagnosed him with walking pneumonia, gave him antibiotics and sent him home.

As it turned out, he got worse and by Friday that week, he was back to the hospital, by which time, the doctors decided to run some Coronavirus tests on him and they came back positive.

The doctors told him that he was not getting better and that he was in far worse shape than the first day he came. But he chose to believe God that he was getting better.

Mr. & Mrs. Bentley.

Then at 3AM, he said “I felt the LORD, I felt His presence, I felt Him blow His breath into my lungs and I took a deep breath. And I knew it was the LORD blowing in my lungs. They checked me and said, ‘wait a minute, you came here two days ago and you were in worst shape of all, with fluid in your lungs’.”

So he was released the next day and he went home.

Clay, who hails from Georgia said Christ was still in the healing business and it only takes our faith and His power to make it happen.

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