Kanu Warns Against 5G network, Accuses China of infecting Africans with Coronavirus

Indigenous People of Biafra Leader (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, had on Monday during a radio broadcast, accused China, Facebook and Cable News Network, CNN,  of conspiring to infect Africans with Coronavirus, saying nobody should go to Biafra land to install 5G network  as such will be destroyed immediately.

The IPOB leader also accused the Chinese government of hiding the actual Coronavirus fatalities in their country, while pretending to have an answer for it and to offer help to innocent countries who are not aware of their tricks.

He warned that the Nigerian Government’s proposed partnership with the Chinese government to assist Nigeria in the fight against Coronavirus will rather aggravate the growing situation of Coronavirus in the country, calling on Nigerians to resist Chinese or their government assistance to fight the pandemic.

Mazi Kanu also questioned the alleged plans by French doctors to test any anti Coronavirus vaccines in Nigeria and Africa,  even when they have not tried the efficiency of such vaccines in countries that are badly hit by the pandemic, including China, Italy, USA and France, urging Nigerians to resist such trial of any kind of vaccine in the country.

He warned network service providers in country and their collaborators in the presidency or the Ministry of Communications not to install any 5 G technology network in any part of Biafra land, promising he will ensure such technology installation in any part of Biafra land will never stand.

“China wanted to contaminate the United Kingdom that colonized Nigeria and the same thing they are planning to do in Nigeria but Nigerian government goofed by accepting their offer but we are urging Nigerians to resist them and not allow them to enter in Nigeria. We do not want any Chinese plane in Nigeria until this issue of Coronavirus is over.

“It is unfortunate that the Nigerian Federal Government which is supposed to be asking questions about China and ensuring best practices is the one arranging for Chinese to come, and we ask what job is Chinese coming to do in Nigeria that Nigerian doctors cannot do?

“The same people who wanted to contaminate the United Kingdom that colonized Nigeria are the ones sending vaccines to you and you are accepting. God forbid! Nigerians should resist such gift because the road to China is contaminated and their test kits are contaminated and must be rejected.

“They are hiding and suppressing their real Coronavirus fatalities, they are in the same Luciferian alliance with CNN and Facebook to kill Africans, and that is why they are projecting them and shutting off their network respectively against Africans, and IPOB has been educating it’s people about their atrocious activities.

“We have warned the Nigerian Service providers that they should not install any 5G technology network in any part of Biafra land because we are bringing them down anywhere we see it in any part of Biafra land. It will not stand in any part of Biafra land because its radiation has the capacity yo weaken the immune system. It is not that it will kill anybody, but it will make way for their viruses to penetrate into people,” Kanu stated.

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