Meet Mama Hannatu, a Grand mother and Tricycle (Keke Napep) Rider in Jos

A ride with this woman will leave you inspired. At her age, she does her trade with enthusiasm and so much expertise.

From the moment she picked this reporter up, our reporter saw how both those who randomly flagged her Keke down and the passengers who were lucky enough to board her tricycle were excited about taking photos with and of her.

Our reporter had to make her take him all the way home so that he could get to know her better. And it ended up been an even wiser decision.

Mama, counting what she had realized so far

Now, here goes her story:

According to Mama Hannatu, she has been riding motorcycles since the 1970’s. She has been so good that people would pay her to make stunts with the motor bike so it would entertain their guests. This was before Tricycle (popularly known as Keke marwa) made it entrance into Jos, after motorcycles (Okada) were banned and denied entry into the main town for security reasons.

The advent of the tricycle brought about changes and Mama embraced the changes at once, as it didn’t take her much time to switch her skills from riding motorcycle (Okada) to tricycle (Keke Napep).

Our reporter asked what her experience has being like since became a commercial tricycle (Keke) rider.

Mama, doing what she knows how to do best

She said, “People really appreciate what I do such that they leave me tips. Others see it as an opportunity to cheat me. Yet another group of people are really resentful… especially Women.

“But, it doesn’t bother me. If they could do what I do, they would. Besides, I don’t need anyone’s approval. However, my admirers are many,” she stated.

Our reporter revealed that before she picked him up, he was really exhausted. But, just by seeing her and her cheerful smile, his Spirit was lifted.

He said he will be looking forward to taking another ride again and again with her, as long as he remain in Jos.

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