Man Arrested for Serial Sodomy in Niger State

One Ahmed Shelle, has been arrested by the Niger State Criminal Investigation Department (CID), for charges of anal sex with two boys in his tailoring shop.

The evil act came to the fore when neighbor’s who had been suspecting the 30 year old tailor, peeped through the half-opened doors of his shop to catch him right on top of one of the boys.

All three of them were naked, as one of the boys looked on as he engaged the other. The aggrieved neighbours almost killed before law enforcement officers came to his rescue.

In his confession, Ahmed said he lures his victims who are between eight to thirteen years into the act, by giving them his android phone which is full of sex videos to watch. He said since he started the act 4 years ago, he has so far laid with 8 under age boys, all from his neighbourhood. According to Ahmed, he did it for fun.

Commenting on the incident, the mother of one of the boys said she never thought that the tailor had been molesting her boy, adding that he took the tailor as family.

“I give this man food regularly; he even comes to my house to play with my children. I took him as one of my relatives; that is why I allowed my son to go to his shop, thinking he would learn something good from him. I never suspected this was what he was doing to him,” she said.

Speaking with newsmen, the Director-General of Niger State Child Rights Agency, Barrister Mariam Kolo, said the agency “arrived the scene in time to prevent the suspect from being lynched.”

She said that the suspect had confessed to the crime, saying, “he had been in the act for four years and had only molested eight boys; but we know that there will be more than that. If he is further drilled by the police, he will confess more numbers.”

Kolo, however said that due to the current government directive that people should no longer be remanded in custody, the police were considering releasing the perpetrator.

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