Coronavirus and Poor Awareness in Kogi East

It is unfortunate that the part of Kogi State that recorded the first death of the coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria in the person of the late Suleiman Achimugu (May God forgives his shortcomings), is not ready to accept the existence of the pandemic and take active preventive measures.

At this critical period that the entire world has accepted the fact that COVID-19 can extinguish half of the world population if not properly managed, some people are toying with the most dreaded virus in our generation in the name of religion and social gathering.

The Holy Mosque of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW was shut down, the Vatican City was closed, even Jerusalem was not left out of this epidemic yet some people in Kogi East are busy celebrating organizing Fellowships and sendoffs and wedding parties as if we are not part of the world.

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) had advice Muslums  prevent and combat a development like COVID-19 pandemic in the past and every true believer of Islam most adhere strictly to this instructions: “If you hear of an outbreak of a plague in a land, do not enter it; but if the plague breaks out in a place while you are in it, do not leave that place.”

He also stated that: “Those with contagious diseases should be kept away from those who are healthy.”

In the same vein, the Bible guidelines it regard such diseases: “… avoiding contact with personal items of sick people that could transmit germs” (Leviticus 13:50-59).

The holy books also advice us to respect the people in position of authority and obey their instructions but unfortunately, even when our leaders across sections of governments, whether at federal, state or local government levels advised everyone to stay at home and maintain some level of social distancing, some group of people deficed such order without remorse. 

This act is not only an insubordination but sinful before the Supreme Being. Suratul An-Nisa says; “… obey Allah, the prophet and those vested with authority”.

Also, 1 Peter 2:17-18; “Honor all people, love the brotherhood, fear God, honor the king.”

The only time we can avoid such carelessness is now. Even when our politicians, elites and religions leaders are not giving the needed attention to COVID-19 in the area of awareness and sensitisation, let us all send the information back home as urgent as possible.  

Sule Isa Akagwu Kpaleko wrote from Anyigba, Kogi State


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