Agege Central Mosque Closed After Worshippers Attacked Government Officials

The Central Mosque in Agege, Lagos State has been sealed for failing to stick to Government’s stipulations of not having more than 25 persons at a time and for attacking law enforcement officers.

The attack on law enforcement officers took place on Tuesday this week, when some disgruntled youths pounced on the officers while they were observing Solatul Ishal prayers.

The worshippers, numbering about 300, were said to have rushed out of the mosque and started hurling missiles at the task force’s patrol vehicle and physically attacked the officers. According to our sources, the worshippers were in excess of 300 and after been sent out of the mosque, they started throwing stones at the law enforcement officers.

Consequently, the mosque was fumigated and sealed off by the local government.

Reacting to the incident, the Chairman, Agege Local Government Council, Ganiyu Egunjobi said, “We cannot continue to condone acts capable of spreading this dreadful disease. Even Saudi Arabia placed restrictions on the number of people, who must worship in the two holy mosques, Haram and Nabawi, and banned congregational prayers in all other mosques across the country. Honestly speaking, we cannot be more Roman than the Romans.

“We have had engagement with the leadership of the mosque, including the Sarkin Hausawa, Musa Muhammed, and our resolution is that it should be shut down until further notice,” he added.

As of Thursday, the mosque remained shut and only few Muslims were seen around the premises even as some officers of the task force patrolled the area to ensure the place remain closed.

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