VIDEO: Wild Goats Roam Empty Welsh Streets.

A herd of wild goats have taken over the streets of a Welsh town, known as Llandundo in the wake of the Coronavirus lockdown.The goats, called Kashimiri were seen basking through the empty streets at midnight. While they were at it, they also appeared to be observing their own form of social distancing.Later on, officers of the Welsh police or Heddlu, as they are called in Wales, came with a vehicle in a bid to try and disperse the goats, but they failed, as the goats came back at dawn to continue their freedom of roaming in the empty streets.The goats are native to the Great Orme, and are barely seen in human dwellings. So their appearance has been attributed to either the bad weather or the lure of empty streets.After munching on some bushes and greens, they headed back home.The clip:

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