VIDEO: ‘If the Government wants to put us on a lockdown, they should give us money’-Kenyan Man Laments.

To enforce the government’s stipulations for the masses to stay at home to avoid spread of Coronavirus, Kenyan soldiers were seen firing tear gas into a crowded market.

The drastic measure paid off as people were seen running away from the the law enforcement agents, as the fumes rose into the air.

Speaking to news men, a bold Kenyan man said, “Coronavirus is a very bad disease, and it is not that we want to stay out. If the Government wants to put us on a lockdown, they should give us money. In a week, we need at least 5, 000 Kenyan Shillings ($50), so that we keep staying indoors. But instead, our Government keeps telling us to stay indoors yet we don’t have money to eat.”

He continued, “There are only a few people with money and many without money, so I am pleading with the Government to ensure all Kenyans are secure.”

This man speaks for Kenyans but indeed, his words reflect the plight of most Africans. The lockdown in the West has been received by their people without complaints, especially as financial and other benefits have been made available by their respective governments. African societies have been built on codependence or communal life, mainly due to the fact that life is so hard that trying to live in isolation or individualistically would mean death.
Most Africans depend on the daily business activities, like hawking, that they do to survive with their families.
To take that away from them and still make no alternative measures available for them is to kill them with the more deadly virus that is hunger.

The video:

Many people will turn to crime in order to survive, as even the authorities of the Nigerian Police confessed.

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