Covid-19: Time To Return To God, Says Ex-Police Boss

Erstwhile Commissioner of Police Alhaji Abubakar Tsav, has said the Covid-19 pandemic calls for return to God in prayers to save mankind from the pangs of the viral disease.

Alhaji Tsav, who made this known in a press statement released in Makurdi, the Benue state capital also said following simple preventive instructions is also key to containing the Covid -19.

The statement reads: “In my view, God Almighty has brought in COVID 19, to show His supremacy and to establish that there is none like Him and also to teach humanity some sense.

“Great World Leaders like the vocal Donald Trump of USA is humbled by the hopelessness of the situation in his country America.

“The other day the President of Italy, in lamentation cried out his heart that he used all the resources and powers available to him to contain the spread of COVID 19 outbreak but could not and now looked into the Sky for help. In other words, he resigned his fate to God Almighty for divine help. He realized that there was no power to help him except in God Almighty.

“The situation which we now found ourselves in the world, calls for collective fervent prayers to God Almighty to forgive our sins and save us from eminent death from the fangs of coronavirus.

“In addition to these prayers, let us follow the simple preventive instructions.

“It is sad that here in Benue State, it is difficult to follow these preventive guidelines.

“We are sitting on water but there is no water to wash our hands.

“Even Government Hospitals have no masks, no gloves, no sanitizers nor flowing water. What is worse is that safety awareness in the villages is zero.

“If there is any outbreak of this virus in Benue State, we shall all die like “AMUA IKYEGH” and all our money and authorities will not avail us.

“There are no safety and medical cum preventive facilities in place in the State. I don’t think the Gov is doing enough. There is more of Politicking in the situation including hoarding of essential preventive drugs cum equipment.

“This should be a time for action and not cheap politicking. We have no useful leadership but confused liars engaged in trial and error tactics.

“God have mercy. Where are the Benue Leaders of thoughts? Where are they?

“What doth it profit a man, if he gains the whole world and suffers the loss of his own soul? Penny wise, Pound foolish”.


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