Landlord’s Wife Slices Tenants Face With Razor.

A lady has been arrested for allegedly cutting the face of another woman, a tenant, with a razor blade. The incident happened on Monday at 78 Amudalatu Street in Agodo area of Egbe in Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State.

The perpetrator is the landlord’s wife who couldn’t bear the victim, Ms. Ruth Chukwu’s insult of her husband, the landlord. Ruth had resorted to a quarrel with the landlord, who disconnected her electric power source for defaulting in payment.

It was gathered that Ruth and some of the other tenants had failed to pay their bills also. Problem came when the landlord decided to reconnect his apartments water supply, something Ms. Ruth didn’t take lightly to. It was after she confronted the landlord that his wife attacked her with a razor, slicing her face through with it.

A source who asked not to be named, said, “This incident happened around 9 am. The landlord and his tenants were having issues about electricity bills. The tenants were owing and they were disconnected by the electricity distribution company last Monday.

“It was the tenants’ power cable that powers the water supply to the entire building, so the landlord called an electrician to remove the cable and connect it to his apartment since the tenant’s dad defaulted. The landlord also called a plumber to disconnect the pipe that supplies water to the tenants’ apartment. This action annoyed the tenants and they resisted their landlord.

“The situation degenerated into a hot exchange of words. But the landlord’s wife suddenly attacked the woman who was busy washing clothes in the compound and she inflicted deep cuts on the woman’s face.”

It was gathered that the incident was reported to Ikotun Police Division.

Confirming the story, a senior police officer at the station said the landlord’s wife had been arrested and detained at the station.

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