Councillor Marries Two Wives on the same Day in Nasarawa

A councillor and Business man from Nassarawa has made history, as he wedded two wives on the same day in his home state of Nasarawa, Nigeria.

The man known as Honorable Ibrahim Kasimu Oboshi (Ogah), a serving Councilor representing Iwagu Ward of Keana LGA and the two brides Nazira Ozegya and Rabi Akose, appeared to have planned their big day together all along as the three appeared on the invitation cards.

The wedding took place on Saturday, 28th March, 2020, in different local government areas in the same Nassarawa state.

Honourable Ibrahim and his two wives on their wedding day

The first wedding between Honourable Ibrahim and Nazira Dahiru Ogegya from Amri Ward in Nasarawa state held at 10:00am on the 28th of March 2020 at her father’s residence.
The second wedding between Honourable Ibrahim and Rabi Akose, also held the same day at 12:00 noon on the 28th of March, 2020 at Oboshi ward.

Close family relations to the grooms family described the two brides are happy, saying there is no love lost between the pair as they are all planned their respective weddings together.

The new family has since moved in and are staying in the same house.

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