Malaria Drug is the Biggest Hope Against Covid-19, Says Novartis CEO

The Chief Executive Officer of drug giant Novartis, Vas Narasimhan has said his company’s SANDOZ generic unit’s malaria, lupus and arthritis drug hydroxychloroquine is the company’s biggest hope against Covid-19, a Swiss Newspaper reported on sunday.

The drug giant has also pledged about 130 million doses and is aiding in clinical trials of the drug, which Donald Trump has also being promoting, is certified and authenticated for use.

Bayer and Teva are other drug company’s, who have made similar pledges to donate their version of hydroxychloroquine and similar drugs.

“Pre-clinical studies in animals as well as the first data from clinical studies show that hydroxychloroquine kills the coronavirus,” Narasimhan told the newspaper.

The CEO said, his company is working with Swiss hospitals to make the drug available for human trials but also added that, it was too early to be defintive as to its efficacy.

Mr. Narasimhan also said, the company is already in search of active ingredients for the manufacture of Hydroxychloroquine, should the clinical trials be successful.


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