COVID-19: 1545 Die in The United States.

The United States of America has recorded highest number of deaths from the Coronavirus pandemic. CNN reported that so far, 1,545 people have died in the United States of COVID-19.

As of yesterday, there had been at least 359 new deaths reported, the most deaths reported in the US in a single day.

The US has become the country with most reported coronavirus cases in the world, surpassing China and Italy, with the three countries accounting for almost half of the world’s Coronavirus infection cases.

CNN reported 100,013 cases of novel coronavirus in the United States, as confirmed by the country’s public health systems.

In China, where the virus was believed to have been transferred from wild animals to humans, the National Health Commission on Friday reported 55 new cases, including 54 it said were imported infections in recent arrivals from overseas.

There were no new cases reported in Wuhan, the provincial capital where the coronavirus is reported to have emerged from late last year.

The virus is also having serious damage on the US economy as a record-shattering 3.3 million US citizens applied for unemployment benefits in a single week – nearly five times the old record, set in 1982.

Job losses have swept across sectors from food services to retail to transportation, as nearly half of the country has closed to non-essential businesses.

“It is staggering; we are only seeing the initial numbers. They will get worse, unfortunately,” New York Mayor Bill de Blasio told reporters, estimating that half a million people in the city would lose work.

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