De-emphasize News on Corona Vaccines; Emphasize Precautionary Measures – FMC boss

Chief Medical Director of Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Makurdi, Dr. Peteru Inundugh has charged both the authorities and citizens to deemphasize news about coronavirus vaccines but rather emphasize precautionary measures during enlightenments programs.

He said as a pandemic that has shook the entire world including the world powers, COVID-19 was not a disease to be handled with any propaganda especially over unfounded stories about vaccines.

He stated that the process of discovering, processing and testing any drug is not so easy as peddlers of fake news may want people to understand.

Speaking exclusively to our reporter in Makurdi yesterday, Inundugh said, “the process of testing and discovered drug do take not shorter than 18 months. Thereafter, the producing country will have to use the drug for their own purpose first before selling out to other countries.

“So, nobody should deceive anyone that a vaccine for COVID-19 has been discovered”, he stated.

He pointed out that frequent washing of hands, avoid shaking hands with people, self isolation, avoiding crowded areas amongst others are very simple ways of taking caution and avoiding contracting the disease cheaply.


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