COVID 19: Good News for Nigeria as Study Shows Hot Weather Slows Down Disease

  • For a few months now Nigeria has been battling the global pandemic known as coronavirus
  • A report by a newspaper publication claims that hot weather in Nigeria would likely slow the spread of the disease
  • The study suggests that now that the weather is getting warmer in China the number of cases has reduced

Amid the escalating spread of the deadly coronavirus in Nigeria, a study has shown the country’s high temperatures and humidity has a high chance of globally reducing the transmission of the virus.

Though this news looks a ray of hope, however, the weather alone can not stop the disease from spreading the more.

A report published by Daily Mail UK on Tuesday, March 24, researchers at Beihang University and Tsinghua University indicates that as the weather became more humid and warmer in 100 Chinese cities, the rate at which of COVID-19 spread dropped.

According to the authors of the study, they are of the opinion that the transmission of coronavirus reduced significantly as a result of high temperature and high relative humidity.

They believe that the departure of winter has reduced the number of infected cases in China. Though some have welcomed this encouraging development as China has reported no new cases of coronavirus, others are still skeptical.

The researchers in concluding the study, assessed data collected on more than 100 cities in China between January 21 and January 23, with 40 cases or more.

They tracked the estimated number of transmissions, temperatures, and humidity in those cities before the country’s lockdowns were effected.

Using a number that measures the average number of people that would get infected, the team tracked transmission rates and revealed that using one degree Celsius increase in temperature and a 1% increase in relative humidity the value fell.

It would be recalled that following the discovery of cases of coronavirus in Nigeria, experts expressed worry that there could be spread of COVID-19 in the country.

The experts insisted that it is inevitable to prevent the disease since Nigeria has been identified as one of the 13 countries in Africa at a high risk of being overwhelmed by the virus due to the weak health sector.

Meanwhile, Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka of the Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN) has given his latest prophecy on the rampaging global disease, known as coronavirus.

In a statement released by Maximus Ugwuoke, AMEN’s spokesperson, Mbaka called on Nigerians to put their faith in God instead of responding to the virus with fear, Vanguard reports.

In a related development, Toyin Saraki, wife of the president of eighth Senate, Bukola Saraki, assembled a team of doctors and medical experts to help fight the spread of coronavirus.

Saraki made this known in a statement by her spokesman, Shola Ayelabola, on Tuesday, March 25, Daily Trust reports. She said that as a special adviser to the independent advisory group to the World Health Organisation (WHO) regional office for Africa, it is pertinent for her to lend hands of support to the fight against the global pandemic.


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