Breaking: Beware, Hand Sanitiser Can Cause Fire Outbreak, FFS Warns Nigerians

Following the outbreak of Coronavirus in Nigeria, the Federal Fire Service (FFS) has warned Nigerians to beware of how they use hand sanitizer, saying such contain chemical that can cause fire disaster.

Addressing newsmen Wednesday in Abuja as the Service mark this year’s Fire Safety Week, the Controller incharge of Inspectorate, Investigation and Enforcement, Olola Abdulganiyu Jaji, cautioned against misuse of the hand sanitizer.

“Some of these hand sanitizers contain chemical and it has implication, if it contact with fire it can bring about outbreak of fire seriously, that is why Nigerians should be conscious of it usage.

“We have seen people putting hand sanitizer outside the door of their house, which means the oxigen and the chemical it contains will not be spread inside the room.”

He said the essence of the Fire Safety week this year was to sensitise the public, bearing in mind that presently family members are now staying at home because of the epidemic of Coronavirus.

“We want people to be aware that staying at home demands that children should be taken care properly. If the children are not properly taken care fire outbreak may occure, because some of them might play with Matches, plug, Gas or something else that can spark fire.

“So the Controller General in his own wisdom decided that my own department should let the public know that staying at home at this moment as important as it is people should be safety conscious and be watchful of the children to avoid fire outbreak at this period.”

Controller Jaji advocated that people should have fire extinguisher and fire blanket at home to prevent outbreak.

“When you are cooking you need to have fire blanket in the kitchen because at any point in time if there is outbreak of fire that’s what you are supposed to use rather than using fire extinguisher.”

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