Gay Man Gives Reason for Killing His Homosexual Facebook Partner.

28 years old, Angus Nwankwo has told the police that the reason he killed his Facebook friend was because he insisted on having anal sex with him.

Switch Nigeria reported last week that the deceased, who came from Imo State was killed by Nwankwo and his relative Chidiebere Omeyi and dumped in the bush before police apprehended them.

Nwankwo said he met the deceased on Facebook where they agreed to meet in Nanka for homosexual acts.

He said, “We met on Facebook and he asked if I could engage in homosexual acts with him and I said no, but after much pressure I succumbed. He promised to give me N20,000 if I had sex with him. As soon as he came in, I asked for the money and he said he would give me the money after he satified the urge, which brought him all the way from Imo State.”

“I insisted he must pay me the money he promised. That was how a fight started. He was the first to hit me with a stick and I fell down. My younger brother who was with me held him down while I picked up the stick and hit him and he died.”

Nwankwo added that they reported the case to the local Vigilante Group who later took the case to SARS

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