13-Year-Old Kills Friend Over Money.

A 13-year-old friend to a police sergeants son, has stabbed his friend to death because of a sudden financial dispute in Delta State.

The deceased known as Marvellous Ekrake, who was 15 years old bled and died from the wound he sustained.

Sources say the event took place on Saturday night at a police residential quarters situated close to the INEC office in Ughelli.

According to an eyewitness, Marvellous was stabbed by his friend Progress Life, after a disagreement broke out between them on how to share the money they got for a job they had done. Marvellous bled and died at a neighbour’s corridor. Things turned awry between the two friends when Marvellous refused to turn over a certain amount of money he was supposed to give Progress. It was then that the latter took up a kitchen knife and stabbed him in the throat before running away.

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