7 People Killed in Renewed Benue/Ebonyi Crisis.

Ebonyi State Police have confirmed the death of 7 persons from Ohaukwu Local Government Area os the State.

The people of Ndiagu Orie, Umuguduakpu Ngbo community have for years now been in communal feuds with the Agila people of Adọ Local Government area of Benue state.

Sources say properties worth millions of Naira were destroyed and made away with.

The head of the Local Government, Mr. Clement Odah blamed the Agila people for attacking and killing innocent people of his Council.
Awosola Awotinde, the Ebonyi State Police Commissioner confirmed the killings.

The dispute between the two neighbouring communities was based on a piece of land that has long been under dispute, with both sides claiming the land as theirs.

Clement also said, “We believe that demarcation of the disputed land will bring lasting peace to the area,” when quizzed by pressmen. He further said that, “We believe that demarcation of the disputed land will bring lasting peace to the area.”

The source alleged the attack was carried out by Agila people at about 1:00pm on Tuesday.

The attack, a source said, was carried out at about 1:00pm on Tuesday. He said the attackers had entered the community dressed in military camouflage uniforms, and as a result, community members took them to be real Military officers. He added that military officials had been around over the course of last week while looking for a missing Naval officer.

On her part, a personnel officer of Ebonyi Broadcasting Corporation (EBBC), Mrs. Pauline Nwaneri said she lost four relatives to the attack.

She called for quick security intervention following the killings.

It was further gathered that the Mother of the Public Relations Officer, Ministry of Information , Mr. Eugene Ebenyi was also a victim of the attack.

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