Varsity Don Taunts Nigeria Democracy A ‘Sham’

A Professor of Research and Methodology, Nigerian Government and Politics, Michael Oni, has said that democracy, as it is been practiced in Nigeria, is nothing but a sham.

Babcock University

He pointed out that the nation’s democracy lacks the basic tenets of democracy as recognised globally, saying that democracy anchored on the principle of one man, one vote and majority rule, is however characterised by killings, maiming, massive rigging in Nigeria.

The university lecturer stated this while delivering the 31st inaugural lecture of the Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State, on Thursday.

Oni stated that democracy, as it is being observed in Nigeria, is a misconception, a warped idea of what participatory governance ought to be, because of lack of basic features of democracy such as government popularly elected, absence of majority rule, free and fair elections, observance of rule of law, peaceful atmosphere during elections among others.

He said now that the concept of westernised democracy had failed to work in the country, because of the failure to take into consideration some peculiar and environmental factors.

The university lecturer added that it wouldn’t be a bad idea for the country to redefine her democracy and adopt that model that would help to solve some of her challenges and move the country forward.

He, therefore, recommended six years of single term for all elected officials, zoning and rotational arrangement at all levels of governance, two-party system, neutrality of Independent National Electoral Commission among others as a panacea to having a democracy that works in the country.

He explained that electoral violence, maiming, and killings in Nigeria were usually out of the desperation of incumbents to retain power against the wish of the electorate and even their parties, but the single term of six years as advocated by former President Goodluck Jonathan would help to minimize re-election acrimonies.

He challenged President Muhammadu Buhari to be a man of history and work towards legislating six years of a single term for all elected officials, rotational and zoning presidency among the six geo-political zones as well as two-party system insisting that these moves would help to make democracy work in the country.

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