Nigeria Needs a New Constitution- Obasanjo.

The nation’s former president, Olusegun Obasanjo has urged the Federal Government to work on drafting a new Constitution, one that is capable of tackling the peculiar issues the country is currently facing, before it becomes too late.

The former Head of State and former President stated this today, Saturday 29th in Lagos, at the first Dr. Frederick Fasehun Memorial Lecture. “The Nigerian Constitution does not give the National Assembly the power to write a new Constitution but the power to amend existing one” he said.

He concluded that “What is required is a new Constitution to meet the agitation and aspiration of all Nigerians and to allay all fears.”
Obasanjo is of the opinion that even though the government and the national assembly may be aware of the current issues plaguing the country, the may have been limited by restrictions in the constitution.

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