Transgender Male Asks to Get Transferred to Female Prison…Then Rapes Inmate.

A transgender “female”, who asked to be transferred from the male to the female prison facility has been accused of raping a fellow inmate, after the office of the governor of Illinois overruled the state Correction Department’s request to return the inmate to the male ward.

Andre Monroe

Jania Monroe, who’s birth name is Andre Patterson is accused of rape by a female inmate at the Logan prison in the state of Illinois.

In a lawsuit, seeking to compel the state to adequately treat inmates with identified cases of gender dysphoria, Dr. William Puga, Head of Psychiatry for the Department of State Correction, alleged that the accused wasn’t welcomed when he was first moved into the female population of the facility.

The move was necessitated after the accused and his attorneys filed a lawsuit seeking for the transfer to be effected from Pontiac in Livingstone County to the Logan facility.

“We are glad that Janiah has been moved to a prison where she has a chance to be safe,” Uptown People’s Law Center Executive Director Alan Mills said in a statement. “We look forward to the day when every prisoner can feel safe in all of Illinois’ prisons.” an Attorney at the MacArthur Law firm representing the Monroe said.

The victim alleges the rape took place in June 2019. She was then coerced by the prison officials into withdrawing her claim.

The victim, who’s identity remains sealed and is only referred to as Jane Doe further alleges that Monroe claims to be a woman but in fact has a male genitalia.

Andre Monroe had received a 12 year sentence for attempted murder of a government official before he was slammed with a further 20 years, after he murdered a fellow inmate.


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