Racism: Nigerians Living in US Alleges – As Travel Ban Edges Closer

Some Nigerians living in the US have alleged that racism and politics are the main reasons the country was included on the list of travel restrictions the Trump administration has imposed on the country and others.

According to data obtained from the US department of home services, the government accepted 7,900 immigrants from Nigeria in 2018. Mostly relatives of US citizens.

Those numbers made Nigeria the country with highest number of immigrants by an African country.

Reacting to the ban, US based Association for Credible Leadership in Nigeria (ACLN) initiated an online petition at, which as of monday has garnered over 2800 signatories, also called on the US Congress to intervene.

Disputing the position of the Trump administration that safety, security and lack of information sharing between the two nations were the catalyst for the ban.

The organization further alleged that countries like Russia and China with a burgeoning immigrant population in the US weren’t included on ban despite not cooperating with the US authorities in the areas mentioned.

“we strongly condemn this action and consider it a form of discrimination and racism,” ACLN said.

In a related development, a New Jersey House member Rep. Bill Pascrell has denounced the ban which is set to come into effect on Feb. 21. He cited countless of immigrants from sub saharan Africa who have built successful careers for themselves and contributed to the development of America.

“This cancerous ban isn’t just an insult to our fellow Americans, but a slur on the people living in these nations,” Mr. Pascrell said.


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