Human Rights Violation in Africa on the Increase-UN

ADDIS ABABA- African leaders meeting in the Ethiopian capital have unanimously agreed human rights violation on the continent are on the increase.

According to a report by the African Human Rights Commission, there has been a sharp increase in violent conflicts since 2019. It noted the rising cases of sexual violence especially against women, mass murder, mutilations, destruction of means of livelihoods and displacement of families.

Urging South Africa to help put an end to this trend, the UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutterres said.

“South Africa is a country in which human rights are extremely important and that for us is vital, especially in the south to have a southern felt human rights commitment which is also a lesson sometimes to the developed world. People sometimes talk a lot about human rights, but don’t necessarily practice them in many aspects.”

Decrying the lack of support from African Union member states, the President of African Court of Human and People’s Rights Hon. Sylvain Ore said, only 33 countries of 55 members of AU have protocol.

He further states that, the refusal of member states to recognize and honour the court has rendered it judicial pronouncements ineffective.

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