Lawyer Charges Buhari’s Daughter to Court For Using Presidential Aircraft

A Nigerian legal practional based in Abuja, Barrister Oluwatosin Ojaomo, has taken President Mohammadu Buhari’s daughter to court, for illegally using the presidential aircraft for her private business.

The copies of the court processes filed by the lawyer, were on obtained on Friday, 7th February, at the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory in Abuja. In the case, Hanan Buhari is the sole defendant in the suit marked CV/1023/2020.

Hanan Buhari, taking photographs during the visit

It could be recalled that the President’s daughter had used the Presidential aircraft for a private visit to explore the Bauchi Emirates Council on January 10, 2020, and this generated wide spread condemnations.

The claimant therefore, urged the court to order Hanan to refund the costs of both the “fueling” of the aircraft and “the travel logistics” incurred to the Federal Government’s consolidated revenue fund account.

The lawyer also urged the court to make a “declaratory order” that she “has no statutory right to use the presidential aircraft which is provided for the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and other public officers for the purpose of performance of their official functions.”

He also sought “a perpetual injunction restraining the defendant, not being a public servant from using the presidential aircraft for private purposes as was done in Bauchi State.”

He further sought another order compelling her “to pay 10 per cent interest on the judgment sum pending the final liquidation of any judgment sum” that might be ordered by the court.

He prayed the court to also issue an order compelling her “to pay the sum of N2m as the cost of litigation.”

In his statement of claim accompanying his writ of summons, the claimant who described himself as “a taxpayer” and “an advocate of probity and accountability”, noted that he knew “it costs Nigerians over N5bn to maintain the presidential fleet in the 2020 budgetary allocations approved by the National Assembly.”

According to him, Hanan was not a public servant hence she was not entitled to spend public funds on her private projects in whatsoever means.”

Ojaomo also stated that “the reason many Nigerians voted Major General Muhammadu Buhari into office is because he promised Nigerians that he would ensure that corruption was fought to a standstill and to also ensure that all leakages in public spending were nipped in the bud and that all public funds should be spent judicially and judiciously in accordance with statutory provisions in Nigeria.”

He declared that a huge sum of money had been spent from the public purse to offset the flight fueling and other logistics to fly the jet to Bauchi State by the Federal Government of Nigeria.”

He said the Ministry of Finance was in the best position to tell the court the total amount spent on the travel itinerary of the defendant to Bauchi.”

When newsmen contacted Ojaomo to find out on whether or not he has served the the president’s daughter, he said he is yet to serve her.

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