Buhari on Top of Security Situation in Nigeria- APC

President Mohammdu Buhari

The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), has insisted that the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration is winning the war against the insurgency and insecurity across Nigeria.

The party, in a statement by its spokesman, Mr Issa-Onilu, in reaction to the organized protest by the Christian Association Nigeria across Nigeria on Sunday, warned religious groups against promoting issues that will bring about divisions along ethno-religious lines in the country.

While condemning the renewed spate of killings in the country, the party insisted that President Muhammadu is still very much on top of the security situation, despite the latest pattern of attacks by Boko Haram that is aimed at pitching Christians against their Muslim brothers.

“In 2015, followed by a reelection in 2019, Nigerians voted President Muhammadu Buhari to among others win the war against terrorism and generally secure the country. Despite the opportunistic and pocket of attacks on some soft targets, the President’s resolve and the APC-led government in degrading Boko Haram is not in doubt,” the party statement stated.

“We must not fall for this divisive ploy. In our respective spaces, we should understand that these violent extremists are our common enemies, and are blind to religious and political affiliation and socio-economic status.

“Our leaders – religious, political, traditional and all others in positions of influence and authority, must now show leadership and temperance in their utterances and actions. Doing otherwise will be acting the scripts and playing into the hands of these fanatics seeking to divide us and pitch us against each other,” Lanre wrote.

According to the party spokesman, it is obvious that even Nigerian armed forces are now better equipped than it was in the past.

“Our armed forces are now better equipped with their welfare prioritised; previous insurgency-ravaged communities are being rehabilitated and resettled; gone are those days when attacks particularly on the country’s capital city of Abuja and other parts of the country were routine.

“Currently, no inch of Nigeria’s territory is under the control of Boko Haram; bandits, kidnappers and other criminal camps are being cleared with the criminals suffering heavy casualties on a daily basis,” he said.

The party commiserated with the families of those that lost their lives in recent attacks, calling on all to support the present government in fighting the common enemy.

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