Football star, Ronaldo considers acting career

Current football sensation and philanthropist, Cristiano Ronaldo has talked of stepping into the Hollywood scene after retiring from football. The football star who is currently playing for serie A side, Juventus, said he would like to further explore other things such as; improving his English and also acting Hollywood movies.
According to Cristiano Ronaldo, his zest for exploring new things has pushed him to considering a future in acting. Ronaldo in a statement said; “I hope I live more than 50 years more and I want to prepare to face the obstacles of a new life, to do things I don’t know how to do,” this he said in a sports conference at Dubai
The 34 year old who has bagged five Ballon d’ or titles over the decade talked of his eventual retirement stating that, he would leave football the moment his body does not perform the right way on the pitch. Ronaldo who is currently enjoying a two weeks serie A break has made it known at the conference that improving his English was also a stepping stone into his ambitious acting career; “the learning of English better would help me in acting, and in Hollywood you have to able to speak to able to thrive in Hollywood”.

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